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I am a recipe developer and writer who doesn’t use eggs or dairy.
I am raw food meister, junior veggie sommelier, cook.
I was born in Nagasaki prefecture Nagasaki city and Live in Nerima, Tokyo. (* I moved to California in USA in September 2018)  Knowing the importance of food with my child’s allergies, this inspired me to make vegan and macrobiotic food. The motto being “Easy going raw food” and taking into account that “Healthy living comes down to every day’s meals”, I write recipes that focuses on using vegetables and fruits and keeping it healthy and easy to make, while not using eggs or dairy. Even if your body has some sort of allergy to a specific food, my goal is to have everybody in the family enjoy the meal, and also be healthy. I make these foods on a daily basis.
Some books that I have written are “Morning Smoothie Recipes 115”, “Best Morning Juice Recipes 112” (published by Ei Publisher), “Smoothies For 30’s Ages”, “100% Soba Raw Food Recipes” (published by Shirokuma Publisher), “Make And Use! Amazing Recipes Using Rice Milk” (published by Kawade Publisher), “Beginner’s Guide For Raw Chocolate” (co-author Kiraenne Publisher). You can also find my recipes in magazines.
2017.11“veggy" November issue released
2017.6“Lupine Express” Recipe released
2017.3“veggy” April issue released
2017.2Nominated for the Japan Vegetarian Award
2017.2CB Japan's New Product Exhibition "FOODMAN" Demonstration
2017.2“Beginner’s Guide to Detox Water” released in Thai
2016.12“Souplease Q” (Zenken Co., Ltd.) Promotion Collection released
2016.12“FOODMAN” (CB Japan Co., Ltd.) Fan meeting
2016.11Opened publication booth at the Vegan Gourmet Festival 
2016.11“veggy” magazine for November 10th released
2016.10 MISAWA × SUMO Web Magazine "Think Life" released
2016.10 “Croissant” magazine October/November issue released
2016.10 Web magazine Belta Cafe posted "How to Make Detox Water"
2016.7 “veggy” magazine October issue released
2016.6 Co-authored “Lose Weight! Become Healthy! Magical Smoothie & Soup” released
2016.6 “nice things” magazine August issue released
2016.5 “Smoothies for Years 30 and Above” Translated book released
2016.5“Healthy detox vegetable juice” released
2016.5 Co-authored “Beginner’s Guide To Raw Chocolate 重版?
2016.3 “nice things” magazine May issue released
2015.12 “nice things” magazine January issue released
2015.11 “Nikkei Woman separate volume” magazine released
2015.10 “Good Morning Japan” NHK Appearance
2015.9 “nice things” magazine November issue released
2015.9 “Ehime Komachi” magazine September issue released
2015.9 “Kagawa Komachi” magazine September issue released
2015.9 “Vigorous and Healthy” magazine October issue released
2015.8 “ZIP” NTV Appearance
2015.7  “nice things” magazine September issue released
2015.7 “Sunrise Station” Nagasaki FM broadcast appearance
2015.7 Tokyo Newspaper appearance
2015.7 中日? Newspaper appearance
2015.7 “Kodomoe” magazine August issue released
2015.7 Wendy Cafe held
2015.7 “100 Recipes Using Detox Water for Beginners” released
2015.6 Recipe collection of Nadeshiko Healthy Life pressurizedcooker which can easily cook 発芽玄米? released
2015.5 FM Yamaguchi Broadcasting "TOKYO Kaida LIFE" Appearance
2015.5 One Day Cafe Held
2015.5 Magazine "Nikkei Woman" June issue
2015.5 book "make and use! Rice milk excellent recipe" released
2015.4 One Day Cafe held
2015.3 “nice things” magazine May issue released
2015.2 “mer” magazine April issue released
2015.1 “body+” magazine (currently “nice things”) March issue released
2014.12 “body+” magazine (currently “nice things”) December issue released
2014.11 “body+” magazine (currently “nice things”) November issue released
2014.10 “body+” magazine (currently “nice things”) October issue released
2014.9 Holding 10% soba and raw food course at music event at “Pardon Kimura Elementary School”
2014.8 book “First Smoothie BOOK” publication
2014.7 Magazine “fine” July issue
2014.6 His book “Ten-Soba Soba Raw Food Recipe” released
2014.5 “body+” magazine (currently “nice things”) May issue released
2014.4 Wendy Cafe held
2014.2 “body+” magazine (currently “nice things”) February issue released
2014.2 “NaturalMom” magazine posted
2014.1“veggy” magazine February issue released
2014.1 Commemorating the release of Co-authored “Beginner’s Guide to Raw Chocolate”
2013.12 “body+” magazine (currently “nice things”) December issue released
2013.11 Co-authored “Beginner’s Guide to Raw Chocolate” released
2013.11 “veggy” magazine December issue released
2013.7 “The Strongest Morning Juice Recipe” Released
2013.7 “Healthy Smoothies” released
2013.6 “Smoothies for Years 30 and Above” released
2013.5 “veggy” magazine June issue released
2013.5 BBC came to shoot my Bento Box for their show
2013.3“veggy Marche" posted
2013.3 Collection of recipes using slow juicer “Ikiiki ko-so Kun"
2013.2 “115 Morning Smoothie Recipes" released